Loomis & Long is not a law firm.

Sarah “Loomis” Crawford and Annie “Long” Sullivan initially met thanks to our day jobs. It was a good day at the office – poolside in Ojai, California.

As we got to know each other, we discovered that we had much more in common than our quest for better beauty.

We both live by the ocean, have twin girls and very naughty dogs – we love to read, and are more than slightly fashion obsessed.  We think “Friday Night Lights” is the best TV show ever and have maiden names that we just can’t seem to shake {nor do we want to – clearly.}  We also know all too well that life is precious, health is everything, and signs are everywhere – you just need to look.

The cliffnotes on who’s who –

Long {CFO} is the green juice drinker and will try any workout under the sun.  Loomis {Creative Director} waits by the mailbox for her House Beautiful and has a passion for pizza.

Together, we encourage everyone to explore their inner beauty queen, health nut, pop princess, shopaholic, design darling, party animal, gift guru, jetsetter – and most importantly – spiritual gangster.

As you get to know us, we hope you will appreciate all of our similarities, as well as celebrate our differences.  We strongly believe, this is what makes the world go ‘round.

At the end of the day, we are works in progress, rooted in our personal histories yet always seeking our next great adventure. . .

we may not have it all figured out but we are, decidedly, not a law firm.


a bit more?

Bad Dogs


Loomis: Cheeky French Bulldog named George #sohandsomesonaughty

Long:  Bitchy Schnazuer named Rosie annieandrosie(who is, for the record, a professional model)




Little Humans

Loomis: Phoebe & Charlotte {8}

Long: Caroline & Catie {15}, Dermot {13}, and Ellie {11}

Home Sweet Home

Loomis: Marblehead, Massachusetts

Long: Garden City, New York

Cocktail of Choice

Loomis: Dirty Martini – extra dirty, extra extra olives

Long:  Skinnygirl Marg with salt, please.

Zodiac sign

Loomis: Gemini. The “twin” sign. This has nothing to do with my overly excitable {ahem, passionate}, somewhat moody, happy, sad self . . .or does it?

Long:  Capricorn, all the way.  Total bossy, oldest child, or ahem as we like to say a “leader.”