Back to Basics

I find spring is always a good time to focus on your wardrobe basics. You are SO done with dressing like this…

…but it isn’t quite time for this…

(Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the new WordPress format? This is an inside joke for Loomis)

Here are some of my favorite year round go-to basics. These workhorses will be in heavy rotation for the next few weeks (months?) until it warms up for good!

Santa brought a few of these simple cashmere crew necks for my big girls, and I have been living in them. (Clearly, the gift that keeps on giving.)

These lightweight sweaters have a great fit, and they are perfect for travel and layering. Plus, you can’t beat the $39.99 price.

Jeans are obvs on the list for basics. These babies from Mother Denim are worth every penny. Thank you for the reco, Effortless Everyday Style. If you aren’t following her already for style inso, you should be!

The wash is not too dark and not too light, and they look cute with everything from sneakers to booties to flats.

When I was cruising the Mother web site, I found the perfect tee for me…

…and for our favorite poser Dead head (Loomis)

P.S. Honorable mention to these white skinnies, which for the record, you can wear year round!

I have been on a long time quest for the perfect white tee, and this one comes pretty darn close. It has enough stretch to not look like an undershirt, but isn’t too tight. I am also long waisted, and it’s not a crop top on me (thank goodness).

I don’t leave home without my Dew Skin. It’s the most magical tinted moisturizer with 20 SPF. It leaves you looking glow-y and ready for the day.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, here are some mad props from Goop and Allure. If you are unsure about shade, almost everyone is a #2.

I got a hot tip on this down jacket from my super amazing friend Jen in Minnesota.

It does not stop snowing there.
(Hi, Ruby!)

So trust me when I say that Jen knows her jackets. It has a great cozy fit and the hood makes me super happy. Bonus: responsibly sourced down!

And while I am trotting out photos of things that are adorable like Ruby, here’s me in the jacket with my super happy baby nephew. Awwwww.

Before I sign off, let me just be clear: I may love my basics, but I’ll never be basic!

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