Bragging on the B-day Girl

Last year Ms. Long, made a list of 18 things she’d like to tackle in 2018. Let’s see how she did, shall we?

(Let’s also hope her list for ’19 includes learning how to properly number things on the blog)

Here’s her top 18 for ’18 for reference :

1 Rock the low bun on a regular basis

hmmmm, TBH, I’m not seeing a whole lot of evidence on this one, but rather a lot of high buns & hats.

2 Get together with my Holy Cross girls, hopefully doing something active (although we are reallygood at drinking wine!)


oh, did they ever! they freaking hiked the grand canyon!

over-achieved on this one but notice the braids (ahem, not low bun)

3 Find a local doctor who specializes in integrative medicine

not sure on this but I think I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since I’m being a bit tough on her about the low bun.

4 Visit Marblehead

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.37.12 PM.png

oh, yes, THIS happened! and it was glorious! (I was there – and so was Bono, obvs)

5 Bring a reusable cup with me when I get my daily coffee.

did she say ‘coffee’? 

6 Hit my 250 classes at Pure Barre.


7 Join Winc.

by the looks of #5, this happened.

8 Add yoga to the workout regimen — more for my mental health than for physical.

no idea (#fitness)

9 On that note…keep meditating!

looks pretty zen to me!

10 Read Gabrielle Bernstein’s Judgement Detox Yes, I might just be silently judging you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 6.45.18 PM

going to assume this happened, because she reads ALL the books, all the time.

11 Go to at least 3 concerts (U2 check!)

hmmm, think she may have been too busy reading for this.

12 Attend a wellness retreat.

no, idea. who are we talking about again?

13 Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before.  This doesn’t include Marblehead, but could include Minneapolis if I get desperate.  Here are 2 local Minneapolis girls who I can’t wait to see (and you too, Kath and Elaine!)


Minneapolis sure as hell happened! She even found a re-usable glass for her “coffee”!

(ahem, low bun?)

14 Finish the goddamn 400 piece puzzle that Santa brought as a nice family gift that has become my own personal Mount Everest.


hoping this is in the trash by now.

15  Cook dinner 4 times a week.  We can do hard things!  #7 may help.

I’m going to go with a hard ‘did not happen’ on this one. which obvs would only make me love her more.

16  Drink bottled water only when absolutely necessary.  Use my Swell bottle, an old fashioned glass or boxed water instead.

here we go again . . .

17  Shop for fewer, better things.  Avoid fast fashion.

two words. “H” & “M” (Tom doesn’t seem to mind)

18  Support female owned businesses, especially small ones.  Hire women whenever possible. #girlpower

now, this I know is true! I tease but Ms. Long is one heck of a force, when it comes to female empowerment, mommy-hood, friendship & above all, love . . . especially for Rich Roll. Whom she met even though he wasn’t on this top 18 for ’18. She exceeded her own goals, with or without the low bun! Reached the TOP of her amazing company, Beautycounter (ahem, biased) and completed not one, but TWO college application processes (congrats Sullivan girls!) , rescued a small dog (don’t tell Rosie) and again, just to be clear, she met Rich Roll. Because when you commit to using re-usable glasses, the universe notices and a lot of good shiz happens.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful! Can’t wait to see you dominate ’19!

Love you!

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