A Gift Guide is Born: For Long

Warning:  This gift guide is a thinly veiled attempt to flex on how I  hung out with totally stalked GP.  

You can imagine my delight when I received a personal invitation to the Goop Gift opening right in my backyard!

Before I knew it, the big night was here. Unlike GP, I did not arrive via helicopter.

I was one of the first to arrive (shocker) and I promptly introduced myself to GP.  She couldn’t have been more lovely.  She’s even more gorgeous in person.  She was also so simply and impeccably dressed.  

I of course bought her a gift from Beautycounter — one of our (now sold out) Beautycounter monoi hand creams.

It was super awkward because she wasn’t carrying a purse, so she had to give it to her British bodyguard to hold. (Who, I’m sure promptly gave it to his wife).  More on the bodyguard later. 

Onto the shopping! I essentially want every item in there, but if I had to narrow it down, here goes.

Slip Beauty Sleep Collection

Super Suds Gift Set

Stasher Bags are great for when you travel.

Speaking of...

Can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous pendant (that means you, too, birthday fairy)

Rosewater Mist in my stocking please!

Here’s me with my always-up-for-a-clean-beauty/fitness adventure friend Pam. We asked GP’s (pretty hot) bodyguard to take our picture. He had to decline because he was on duty (and he was carrying his wife’s new hand cream). Ever the gentleman, he did find a waiter to snap this pic of us. And, he did not have to get this tough with me. #justyourbasicstalker

On the way out, we received gorgeous gift bags.

The candle in the gift bag smells heavenly, and is of course clean.

Cheers to a wonderful Christmas…with a botanical cocktail, of course!

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