A Gift Guide Is Born: Rock Star Edition

Hello, my name is Sarah Loomis and I am in love with Jackson Maine and here are all the Christmas gifts I am getting him this year. (sorryhorseface)

1.Duffel Bag


3.Key Tag

Because this is what love is. 

4.Roadie Bottle 

5.1000 Record Covers Book

6.Bottle Opener

7.Blundstone Boots

Gifted these to HF a solid ten years ago and he still wears all the time. 

8.Fender Guitar

(I actually bought this exact one for Horseface my rock star last year)


Full line coming soon but this travel set is perfect for any dude in your life. Smells divine, like I imagine Jackson does, I digress . . .

10. ‘Ludes 

Because life on the road ain’t always easy.

11. Polaroid 

So he can always “take another look at you”

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