A Gift Guide is Born: Bookworm

Books make great gifts for almost everyone, even for this guy:

(That’s Ally’s slimy agent, for those of you who aren’t Star is Born super fans.)

Educated was one of my top reads from this year.

Busy’s book is another fave, which is why I gifted it to Loomis

(and if you’re not following her on Instagram, you should be!)

Michelle Obama’s book because obviously.

This grand coffee table book makes a perfect gift for anyone who couldn’t visit the exhibition in person. 

Brené’s new book on leadership is go to for any of my boss babes 

Cozy PJs – what better to read in?

Shameless Beautycounter plug: while you are reading, get your skin glowing with this Instant Awakening Trio

…and light up a festive clean candle, while you are at it.  Fresh Pine is my favorite.

If anyone wants to buy ME a book, this is up next on my dying-to-read list.  I mean, she had me at just the title alone!

For anyone who has suffered loss and is looking for signs, this is the book for you (and not just because the author is from Long Island).  

And, if that isn’t enough, there is always Kelly.

If it’s time to admit that you need readers, the stylish and functional Bunny Eyez, are the way to go!  The company was founded by 2 fellow FA grads and Oprah loves them, too.

For the Royals obsessed – a rare look at the interiors of Buckingham Palace

Happy reading!

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