Spiritual Gangster:A Gift Guide is Born

Long was throwing shade my way yesterday for being MIA on the blog. Little did she know I was just prepping for the most epic gift guides in Loomis & Long history. “All you gotta do is trust me”, Long.

She’s actually responsible for the brainchild behind this year’s gifting theme. It’s no surprise that we are obsessed (putting it mildly) with the movie, A Star is Born. We haven’t wanted to post too much about it in case we were ruining it for anyone. Well, guess what, you’ve had two months to get your ass to the theater and you’re ruining your own life by not listening to everyone who told you to go and see it. (That being said, any spoiler alerts will be avoided to the best of our ability.)

But since it’s Monday, and on Mondays we post inspirational quotes, I’m leading with this.

star is born quote

Very fitting since Long and I both have a whole lot to say and we know at least 3 of you are “listening” most of the time. We know a few more tune in during gift-guidance season.

So, we are channeling our movie obsession into our 2018 gift guides, all inspired in some way, by this life-changing film.

Get ready to see some stars!


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