NYC: weekend HIGH-lights

Here’s a few things that struck my fancy this past weekend in NYC. You may recall a certain trip we shall refer to as Brooklyn : Part 1. That glorious adventure involved Petunia, sadly she stayed home with the old man this time.

Plus, I’m not sure she’s built for the trapeze.


If at all possible, when traveling to New York, we will always choose to stay at the 1 hotel, Brooklyn Bridge.

I cannot say enough about this eco-friendly sanctuary located in the heart of DUMBO.  The views (inside & out) are breathtaking, the mission is one that completely resonates, and the people who work there, well, don’t get me started. Just know that I want to be Jonathan when I grow up. Or half as good as my job. He is legit phenomenal at what he does. I think his job is to make people feel really loved & adored and happy? Is that something? Well, he is crushing it! The world needs more Jonathans.



sarah welcome.jpg

(1 hotel, brooklyn bridge, 60 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY, Room rates begin at 649) 

First item on a packed Saturday agenda was Trapeze School. Another attempt at being “very Carrie Bradshaw”, as my friend Nancy-pants pointed out. I’ll admit this wasn’t my finest parenting decision and we shall file this under “future therapy topics” for my daughters (one of which didn’t make it past the terrifying ladder.)



The instructors were lovely, speaking to the journey of conquering fears and personal growth. (This is when I started to realize I wasn’t going to be making googly eyes with Zac Efron all morning, as I had imagined)

The 43 degree temps and high winds and the rickety set-up on the ROOF of Pier 40 weren’t ideal, either.

But it’s an experience we won’t forget anytime soon, especially since I’m still quite sore. I didn’t achieve “the catch” but either did Carrie, just sayin’. I did trust some dude with a pony-tail that I didn’t know to hold me 100 feet in the air . . .



 not to mention Charlotte. Little nugget makes me brave.

trap8.jpgc trapeze 4.jpgPeace out, Trap School. c trapeze 6.jpg

(Trapeze School New York, Pier 40classes start at 75 per person)

Well, soon after I booked Candytopia, my friend Deirdre shared a New York Times article, aptly named “The Existential Void of the Pop-Up Experience”.



The article hits the nail on the head, but hey, my kids are only almost ten once so I ‘m not going to beat myself up over it.


(Candytopia, Penn Plaza, 26-34 dollars a ticket, plus a wee bit of dignity)

I am all about this ridiculously over-priced cake shop in SoHo.


More sugar rushes, photo-ops, and all the rainbows. What else could we hope for on a Saturday afternoon in the city?


(Flour Shop, 177 Lafayette Street, cakes start at 30 dollars, sprinkles & *forced* smiles included)

If the sugar high wasn’t enough, spotting the new Beautycounter store certainly put a spring in my step.




We can’t get in there quite yet, but feast your eyes on this clever floor plan in the meantime and stay tuned for deets.


(Beautycounter Shop, 51 Prince Street, clean beauty products priced at 20 and above)

After a very full Saturday, and a delish brunch on Sunday, we shipped the kids home with CBC. (genius)

bye girls bye.jpg

Grandjan and I could properly celebrate the real birthday girl, Genine, without our favorite distractions. She would have turned 48 on Monday.  She would have loved strolling around DUMBO, sipping bubbly in the room, followed by an exquisitely unpretentious yet delicious in every sense of the word meal at the Finch. (per Jonathan’s recommendation, obvs)



We started with the Pork Belly with Caraflax Cabbage, Hackleback Caviar & Crème Fraîche and Mom had the Beef Flat Iron with Pommes Anna, Mustard Greens, Onions & Whey, while I enjoyed the Swiss Chard Lasagna with Pine Nuts, Parmesan & Castelveltrano Olives.

Followed by the Lemon Custard with Blue Elderberries & Semolina Cookies & Chocolate Cake with Pine Nuts & Rosemary. All perfection. Especially the company.

(The Finch, 212 Green Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, $$$)

So yeah, we spent roughly a zillion dollars (I’m pretty bad at math) on the #thisisalmostten birthday weekend.

But spending time with my safety nets (when they weren’t complaining) . . .

beneath a purple freedom tower = priceless.




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