The Pickup Line

What do you think of when you hear “the pickup line?” The place where you spend countless minutes waiting for your precious cherubs OR…

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And add this to the list, because The Pickup Line is now one of my favorite news sources.  If you are not reading (or listening to) TPL, you should be.

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TPL was created by 3 Chatham, NJ moms, who after spending many hours waiting on their own pickup lines, had the idea to make it easier for busy mamas to get the scoop all in one place.  Even better — deliver it during their short window of “free time” in the middle of the afternoon craziness.

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Plus, might I mention that TPL has fun features like a weekly playlist, book recommendations, dinner recipes and oh…wait a minute…who are these 2 hotties?

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We were honored to be featured as TPL’s first Mom Crush.

You can check out what we are crushing on here…


Treat yourself to a new fall lip color with this awesome autumn-y shade like rich Rosewood. Shine on! SHOP NOW.​ 


This new, go-to re-usable tumbler keeps your coffee hot and your cocktails cool.It’s dishwasher safe, comes in tons of cool colors and is designed by two moms! Plus, it’s good for the environment! #winning SHOP NOW


Put on the perfect “go over anything” cable cardigan. Layer it over jeans and a tee, a dress, or even your jammies — shhhh — we won’t say a word! Plus, take 15% off with a special code just for TPL readers! Use code MOMCRUSH15. SHOP NOW

…and don’t forget to check out TPL’s playlist as you run around and do your afternoon thing (you have to sign into Spotify to listen.)



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