Top Ten Tuesday: Best Gemini Dinner Partay Ever

OMG I legit love SO MANY Geminis, in real life, and in my pretend real life where I hang with celebs all the time. I’m having a dinner party with 30 people. Well, actually like 60 since we are all Gemini. Some of them are dead. Don’t judge.

In NO particular order.

Here are my real life Gemini QUEENS, that always have a spot at my table.

1. Mimi, the MIL. she not only gave birth to my hubs. She also makes a mean Ceaser Salad. Mimi is truly one of the greats. 2. Lisa, the BFF – this maniac calls me the sister she never wanted. Whatever, I know she’d be lost without me. From the mean streets of Warren, Vermont to our future Lifetime TV movie critic careers, I am so happy this one was born (today!) 3. Lauren, the fabulous SIL & 4. obvs I am invited to the partay. 5. Meredith, loveliest of friends & photog extraordinaire. 6. Clare, the coolest babysitter ever. 7. Cheryl, Genine’s BFF, now my guardian big sis. 8. Stacey – crushes craft beers & would give you the shirt off her back in a hot sec. 9.Yumiko, this is kind of random but she’d be a kick-ass dinner party guest. 10. Lindsay aka “Ms. D” – C & P’s K teacher turned Mommy’s BF. So thrilled there will be more like her in 2018! 😉

I need to balance out all of those chicks with some interesting hot celeb dudes.

1.Hi, Mark 2.Peter Dinklage aka Lord Tyrion – YASSSSSS 3.Morgan Freeman (will be MCing the whole night, obvs) 4.Joshua Jackson/Pacey Witter 5.Amy Schumer (not a dude but freaking hilare) 6.Michael J Fox – I absolutely adore this man. He had me at Alex P. Keaton. 7& 8. Andy Cohen & Anderson Cooper 9.Abby Wombach because I’m currently obsessed with her and Glennon’s modern day love story. You must follow both of them on insta immeds. Oh and they have a frenchie & love FNL. Obvs.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.58.33 AMScreen Shot 2018-06-05 at 11.59.01 AM

10. Love me some Lenny!

I nearly passed out when I saw this swoon-worthy birthday shout-out from Zoe Kravitz to her pops aka “pal”.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.11.38 PM


And here’s where it gets really interesting  . . .


1.Boy George 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. Biggie Smalls 4. Anne Frank 5. Wallis Simpson 6.Judy Garland 7. Prince 8. JFK 9. Joan Rivers 10. Tupac Shakur


Can you even stand how amazing my dinner party is?!

Are you a Gemini? Who do you want to sit next to? Should I invite Long even though she thinks she could have a better party with Capricorns? Impossible!

What ten people would you have at yours?




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