Top Ten Tuesday: Royal Wedding Moments

Long wants to sneak some non- royals in as 1 & 2 and since I kinda like her and I’m trying not to be a royal control freak I’ll allow it.

1.JFK & Jackie O – 1953

2.She also tried to sneak in Pippa. 60723a8c970c5719893f57065af27ebaAnd because I spy some VIR (Very Important Royals) in this wedding photo access is granted.246635

That leaves me with only EIGHT more spots for actual factual royal nuptials.

3. 1956: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer of Monaco


4. AHEM – Prince Charles of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer. I think a part of me is still holding my breath from this moment in 1981.


5. 1995: Marie-Chantal Miller and Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece


6. 2004: Dutch Prince Johan Friso married his bride, Mabel Wisse Smit (now Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau). I am a sucker for bows. This chick took them to a new level.

7. 2011: Charlene Wittstock and Albert II of Monaco. The. CHILDREN.


8. What else happened in 2011? Hmmmmm.

Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

9. 2012: Prince Guillaume and Countess Stephanie


AND LOOK. AT. HER. GOWN. (and try not to look at the orange maids)

10. Speaking of gowns. Beatrice Barromio had three royal wedding gowns when she wed Pierre Casiraghi in 2015 so I guess she just wins at life. I cannot even.


No pressure, Megs, but these are going to be tough to beat. Cannot wait to see what Princess Markle unveils (pun always intended) THIS Saturday.

Oh and sidebar: I once attended a royal wedding in Sweden. It was at noon. The men wore morning jackets and I wore a hat. The whole bit! It didn’t end well.

What’s you favorite royal wedding moment?


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