April Showers . . .

Bring Royal Babies!

Oh Baby

While I was sleeping in on vacay, Long was on royal baby watch. Was thrilled to wake up to the news that a new little prince has joined the world.

I’m also in the midst of baby showers galore and tiny humans are just the my mostest favoritest ever to shower with love & gifts.

Here are some ideas for the little princes (or princesses) in your life.

1. Blossom Bunny

Jelly Cat stuffed animals are just the most cuddly companions ever. I want 1000 for myself. Obvs.

2.Gingham Baby Bath Wrap 

These come in multiple colors and monogram options.

3. Custom Footed Romper

Cece Dupraz spoils the wee ones in your life like no other with their adorable and unique designs fit for royalty.

4. The Little Prince 

Classic. Obvs.

5. Gunapod Luxury Duvet Sack

(I have a secret baby expert in town who swears these are the softest, most functional & amazing sleep sacks on the planet! Request for adult size, please.)

6.Beautycounter Welcome Baby Gift Set

Even Vogue agrees, our collection of safe & beautiful bath products is the ultimate baby gift.

7. Roller Rabbit, Hearts hat, gown & adult robe set

Love the idea of matching robe for Mommy.

Of course, Princess Kate has no time for a robe. She’s too busy being stunning in Jenny Packham. . . hours after each & every L & D.


God Bless her sweet soul as I’m still in a robe 9 years after giving birth.

Now WHAT is the baby’s name? Any guesses?


P.S. If you’re not following Gary Janetti on insta and you like royals and laughing, you should be. And btw, if you don’t enjoy royals & laughing – I’m worried about you.Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.47.36 AM.png




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