Top Ten Tuesday : Travel Essentials

I’m traveling South next week and sharing my very inefficient packing techniques with you all today. I’m a huge fan of the bag within a bag within a bag concept. So this amazing Loeffler Randall Tote is perfect for tossing pretty much everything in when it’s time to shove that shiz stow your belongings under the seat in front of you.



1.Water Bottle


3.Chargers & Cord Pouch (aka greatest invention ever)

4.Goals Journal

5. Good vibes pens (to write down all the goals, obvs)

6. Plumping Facial Mist

7. Inexpensive spare shades for when I inevitably misplace my prescription ones 100 times.

8. fleece socks

My feet are always cold inflight so these are perfect at half off.

9. A great read – The Female Persuasion

10. Make-up wipes

I’m pretty much using these for errrrrything these days. Sanitizing wipes skeeve me out with their scary toxins so these are the new sani for moi. They make everything clean & fresh – especially your face after a long day of travel.

I will obvs also have some Cheezits healthy snacks and trashy magazines Architectual Digest or The New Yorker, in here, as well.

What’s in your carry-on?


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