Deep Thoughts at Disney

While I was away this week, I made some observations on how things roll when at Disney, and. on further thought, that also apply to life in general.

Kindness is contagious.  Everyone that works at Disney is so freaking nice.  My mom and I were joking that they probably are so tired of being nice, that when they go home they snap at their spouses and kids!  But their positivity is truly contagious, and you just become nicer when you are there.  Even us salty New Yorkers.


Let’s all have fun together.  It is so rare and refreshing, to see multiple generations of families out for a day together and enjoying it.  Grannies, grandpas, moms, dads and kiddos are all, for once, united in their quest for a magical day.  Even the phones are down for a while!


It takes all kinds.  Each family member has their role at the parks, and each has merit.  The dad who is the timekeeper of the fast passes.  The granny who waits with the napping baby in the stroller.  The aunt who passes around the snacks so no one gets hangry.  The mom who embraces her inner teenager and rides every roller coaster with the kids.  The grandpa who makes sure everyone is up and at ’em in time for the park opening.  It’s a team effort.


(Granny is the OG waiting with baby in stroller expert!)

Trust a pro.  I am FAR from a Disney expert, but my friend Ellen is, so I turned to her to help plan our trip.  With her personalized, concierge service, Traveling Made Simple made sure every darn detail of our getaway was perfect.  This way, once we got there, we could just relax and enjoy.  Plus, she saved me tons of time and agony doing lots of research.


I can do anything if you promise me wine and good food at the end of the day.  Seriously.  Anything.


It’s a small world after all.  You literally see ALL kinds of people at Disney.  And, I mean all kinds.  But, what does the dad in the Johnnie O polo shirt have in common with the one with the muscle tee and two full sleeves of tattoo?  They both just want their kids to experience all the fun and happiness that Disney has to offer.  That in itself is magical.


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