Have a Magical Day

Leave it to my youngest child, Ellie, to orchestrate possibly the greatest boondoggle trip of all time to Disney World.  Here’s the backstory.  Ellie went to Disney, with all my other kids, when she was 3.  She’s the one on the end with the white bow.


Those little stinkers sure were cute.  And, how about those Crocs?!  And, is this not the most adorable/awkward Disney photo?


However, Ellie claims to have no memory of this trip.  Side note: don’t miss my rules for taking kids to Disney.  For years, Ellie has waged a convincing campaign for a “do-over” trip to Disney.  Well, this Christmas, Santa delivered and off we went to the most magical place on earth.


The trip was a total blast.



I have some thoughts on life lessons from Disney, but I’ll be back with those tomorrow. Today is all about catching up on laundry and the day job.

In the meantime, have a magical day!




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