The Anglophilia Struggle is Real

While Long is taunting me with her insta stories from Jamaica . . .


I’m longing for greener pastures across the pond.


I’ve been symptomatic for some time. I drive a Mini Cooper (her name is Polly) and made my kids watch Peppa Pig until like yesterday (which is when we replaced it with the Great British Bake Off)

And with the royal nuptials a mere 87 days away, paired with a recent family outing to see Peter Rabbit (hilare, BTW) – it’s official – I’m slightly beyond enamoured with all things British at the moment. I’ve gone full-on anglophile.

HOW IS ANYONE NOT?! Everything is so freaking cute and perfectly charming and bloody cool (did I say that right?)

I’m moving. Do you think Long will even notice/care given her inevitable tropical drink consumption? 36c67cf603670d027a5a2ed3b04f81a6





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