Feeling the Love

This Wednesday is Valentine’s Day.  Truth be told, I am usually a little “meh” about V-Day Maybe I am still scarred from all those years I didn’t have a boyfriend on 2/14.  And, now it’s all about the kids…and candy?  (Why, oh why so much candy? Don’t get me started on that one.)  However, in 2018, as part of a larger spiritual overload*, I’m deciding to embrace it.  This year, I’m loving the love.  And, I’m dragging Loomis with me.

*Stay tuned for future book, podcast, speaking tour, app, and mini-series starring Natalie Portman as me.


Who else is with us?


P.S. If you have no idea what we are referencing, check out this classic movie clip.  And, stay tuned for more on the movies tomorrow. xo

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