Tubby Time

My favorite thing in my home is hands down the tub. For a myriad of reasons. It doesn’t talk back, pee on the floor, or go to the Super Bowl without me. (Ahem #horseface)

I had to put up a bit of a fight for it when we added it to the MBR plans – apparently they are very heavy and frequently go unused. Not in this hizzy!

Here are some images of tubs that inspired me to stand my bubble bath-loving ground and make our bathroom look lame.


mbr 2

mbr 3





I love these arched doors!

Why didn’t I think of that?

And here are some images of my fave room of the house aka home of one million Beautycounter products.


and be still my heart, I spy Miss LooLoo Crawford in this pic.


I love that she spent some QT on those heated tiles and that White Loft Studio captured it so well, as she always does.

Fun Fact about bubble baths – BC Body Wash works amazingly – the most delightful, safe, long-lasting bubbles! Because you can’t soak in icky toxins – yuck. And on the rare occasion I let the girlies take a tub (strict holiday only policy!) they obvs use the kids collection.

Happy Thursday & happy tubbing!


Tub/Custom Vanity/Mirrors/Tile/Hardware/Sconces/Tray & Monogrammed Turkish Towels/Woman in a Boat Print/Gray Malin Prints


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