Mama said Knock You Out

One of the top reasons that I love to visit L.A. is that my BFF Samantha has settled there with her family.  After living overseas in London and Kuala Lumpur for almost 15 years, having her in the Palisades is practically like having her next door!

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(Here we are with our other partner in crime, and Samantha’s cousin, who we like to refer to as Otis…long story.)

I had mentioned to Sam that I always like to try the latest workout when I’m on the left coast, and she said she had the perfect thing in mind. Side note, while I like to work out and I’m in pretty good shape, Samantha is a phenomenal athlete.  So, if she was doing it, I knew it would be challenging.  And, of course fun, because that’s how we roll!

So, on the perfect sunny California morning, off we went to Box Union.


My mom, who has been observing our adventures for 35+ years, wanted to make sure that we did not punch each other out! I assured her that we would be boxing against bags, not each other.  (Thankfully.)

The studio at Box Union was modern, sleek, and the staff was friendly.  We even found parking right out front – score!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.34.34 AM.png

We got suited up in our gloves and hand wraps, and off we went.  I made sure the coach knew I was a first timer, which he assured me was totally fine.


Kind of like SoulCycle, you book your boxing bag in advance, and Samantha, being the boss that she is, talked her way into getting us right in the front. (Birds of a feather…).  We had a good view of the coach and of ourselves (gulp) in the mirror.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.37.05 AM.pngFor the next 45 minutes we combined shadowboxing, cardio, plyometrics, core work and heavy bag training.  There was a targeted warm up and cool down, plus 5 minutes of fierce ab exercises at the end.  I was literally dripping sweat, and smiling all the way.  Box Union lists some of the workout benefits as toning muscles without gaining bulk, memory recall, hand eye coordination + core stability, improving strength and my personal favorite, confidence (i.e the badass effect),

I knew it would be a challenging workout, but I didn’t really think about the mind/body thing beforehand.  Between the amazing, motivating tunes, and the stress relief factor, I was sold.  Moral of the story?

Yes, hitting something helps.

Samantha and I definitely left there feeling like quite the badasses.  Plus the fun factor was real.  Turns out, Box Union was voted 2017’s most fun new workout by SELF Magazine. So, now I have another favorite L.A. workout place that I’m begging, please, please come to N.Y.!



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