Long’s Top 10 Life Hacks

I know it’s Thursday (not Tuesday), but I’m still going all Top 10 on you anyway. I am known amongst my peeps as a rather efficient, organized person.  This is truer on some days than others. #progressnotperfection #oneofthemanywaysloomisandIdiffer  As we all furiously try to get our shiz together in the new year, I wanted to share a few of my fave life hacks with you in case they might resonate.

1 I organize the inside of my purse using various different pouches.  It’s OK, you can call me a bag whore, but the main reason that I started doing this is that it makes it easier to switch out purses.


(not my actual closet, but it could be.)

I have one pouch for my cosmetics and one for my Beautycounter gear (you never know when you will randomly meet someone who needs to learn more about face oil!).  The last one is for assorted odds and ends, like my glasses, headphones, pens, Advil, snack bars etc.


This way if I’m feeling a bag change, all I have to do is haul the pouches out, plus my wallet.

2 Grocery delivery is the name of my game.  My friend/family photog Beth said it best when she referred to it as the “stupidmarket.” I could think of about 1,000 things I would rather do than go there, so I live for Fresh Direct.  Yes, I pay an annual fee, but time is money.  I could be blogging working at my day job and making money instead of stuck on aisle 5.  Plus, I don’t have the temptations of impulse purchases for stuff I don’t really need.

3 More on food.  Since the new year, we have been doing the Engine 2 over here, which means lots of yummy, plant based goodness. I have the book, but I was delighted to discover they have a meal planning web site  You can enter your family size, any food allergies, preferences (no olives, no cilantro) and it suggests recipes (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for you.  They will then organize for you into a weekly meal plan. PLUS they will compile the corresponding grocery list from the recipes for you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.28.38 PM.png

 Can you say BAM?  Use my code E230ANNIE1411 if you want to try it and get $30 off.  We are hooked!

4 This sounds like something your mother would make you do in 3rd grade, but I alway lay my clothes out the night before.  Most mornings I am going straight to work out, so it’s not complex.  Yet, it is still one less thing to worry about in the morning. If I do have to put on “grown up clothes,” it’s even more important, because I can do all my agonizing styling the night before.  This also leaves me more time to do other things in the AM.

5 Speaking of!  One of my absolute favorite life hacks is the Flawless in Five set.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.47.43 AM.png

Seriously, who has more than 5 minutes to do their make up and get out the door? This set makes looking gorgeous a no-brainer, no-big-deal kind of thing.

(Good thing Loomis is going to Nashville tomorrow, or she would be on her way here to kill me.)  Plus, if you purchase one right now, you can get a free brush along with the set.

FullSizeRender-5.jpgWOO HOO

6 I’m a total book nerd, and am usually reading 3 books at once:  1 fiction, 1 self help, 1 business book.


(I loved all of these, and haven’t read Alice Network or Couple Next Door yet, but plan to get to them soon.)

One of my greatest fears in life is, not kidding, finishing a book and not having a new one to start.  With iBooks, I always have a book at the ready, which is key especially when I’m traveling or at the beach in the summer.


(Ahhhh, summer.)

Also, downloading book samples is a great way for me to figure out if a book is a dud.  I am still a HUGE believer/supporter of public libraries and hardback books, but iBooks just work for me.#loomisdisagrees

7 Google calendar = my brain.  It’s the only way I can survive and juggle my personal calendar, work stuff, plus the calendars of 4 busy kids.  Our individual calendars are color coded and synched on our phones so everyone is in the loop.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.13.25 PM.png

I literally could not get through the day without it.

8 Speaking of, I put my workouts on the calendar like an appointment.  And, they are typically the first thing to go in when I look at a month!  This way I know it will get done, and usually it does. Pure Barre has a fab app where you can book the class and then you can add the class directly to your calendar.


9 “The Board” started when my kids were little and had an insatiable desire to know where we were going and what we were doing every day.  I never thought all of this years later, it would still be the centerpiece of our kitchen.

But, even with all the magic of the Google calendar, I still write what the kids are doing on it every day, plus I include general family stuff, too.  As I am now the family Uber driver, it has also evolved into an effective way of knowing who needs rides where and when.  And, it helps unravel secret plans, like when someone has to be at a track meet at 7am on a Saturday and neglects to tell mama about it.


Love ya, Carolina.

10 I always make lunches and prep breakfast the night before.  There is not enough coffee in the world that could enable me to drag 3 teenagers/1 tween out of bed for school on time and deal with all of that.


It has simply become part of my evening routine, and definitely helps, although, trust me, this does not mean our mornings are still without drama.


Love ya, Catie.
(Photo creds to the fabulous Beth of the Stupidmarket)

You up next with any life hacks, Loomis?






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