Back in Black

In case you’ve been under a rock . . . here’s a recap of the Golden Globes fashion. Spoiler alert : everyone wore black and here’s why.

I also tend to wear a lot of black this time of year, usually out of mourning the loss of summer as it tends to be a very long & cold New England winter.  Warmth, and general lack of motivation also feed into my dark wardrobe choices but I’m happy to add solidarity & the Time’s Up cause to my list of reasons.

back in black

Pre-order your Time’s Up Tee shirt here

Cannot have enough cashmere sweaters, like this one from J. Crew.

Long has made me feel guilty about wearing real leather (insert eye roll) so I’m into these Faux Leather leggings (easier on the wallet, too)

NOTHING warmer than this Patagonia Puffer Jacket

The Newbury Hooded Cowl Scarf – Cannot say enough about the warmth (and cuteness factor) of this Third Piece original. Long and I both have in various shades of pink, my gal Lindsay has in black, and obvs my BFF the Gis, sports a grey one.

(one of these things is not like the other)

Sadly, this weather is not “cute shoe” weather but these Alpine Booties are a decent compromise.

Happy Wednesday . . . Stay warm and stay strong!



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