Loomis’s 18 for ’18

Inspired by Long, who literally teaches me something new every day, here is my 18 for ’18 . . .

1. Continue our cinematic adventures aka “Friday Night Classic” series in the Crawford household. Due to the recent weather, this has extended beyond Friday nights. Just last week we tackled, Dirty Dancing (Penny had her APPENDIX out), Baby Boom, Father of the Bride, and 13 Going on 30. Stay tuned for an entire post on this, as I now consider myself a bit of an expert on inappropriate movies for 9 year olds.

2. Learn to actually “do” my hair. Like nothing major just a few waves. Is that even what they are called anymore?


#Hair(andwelleverything)goals #SJP

3. I’ve had a simple want/goal for a long time of keeping a home that doesn’t look like a bomb went off at any given moment. My BFF suggested the 5 minute tidy up via Gretchen Rubin.

Because the clutter struggle is real!

4. Treat myself to (maybe eventually pick – although hard to imagine during today’s bomb cyclone) fresh flowers at least twice a month.

5. Long & I are going to get our shiz together and do some sort of “live” coverage of one our blessed red carpet events this year. Stay tuned 😉

6. Embrace Vermont living as much as possible. (which could prove challenging since I despise winter but going to give it a solid effort!)


via Slim Aarons

7. Travel someplace solo with Horseface, preferably a 1 hotel. (sorry C & P)

Marriage is hard and although I recognize the importance of getting along in “real life” – I also think alone time together is invaluable. I also really like vacations.

8. I’m impressed by Long’s lofty goal of cooking FOUR meals a week, no can do over here, I’ll aim for 2 half-assed well-thought out and healthy meals.

9. Have coffee and/or lunch with a friend at least once a week.  It’s so hard to stay connected (especially during hibernation) so I would love to make this a priority. The flex schedule is one of the many bennies of having the #bestjobever so I need to take advantage of this more often.


10. Drink a shit ton of water. And like Long, not out of a plastic bottle!


11. Take in all the live music possible. (U2, check!)

12. Get new teeth. This is a process I have put off for years – for good reason. It won’t be easy (physically, emotionally, or on the bank account) but it’s time to replace my bridge that I have had since a terrible (self-inflicted) accident when I was 18. Womp-wahhhh. Look who’s all grown up. Sort of.


13. Host Long in Marblehead. (I’d go see her but I’m pretty sure I’m banned from GC after a few isolated  incidents around the time I knocked my teeth out)


14. Watch a certain royal wedding with my girlies. GIDDY!


15. Have our home featured on a blog I’ve been stalking forEVAH.


(And stop thinking that if you say something out loud or blog about it you are jinxing it, even though I totally just jinxed it)

16. Learn to tighten shiz up and not babble so much. This mostly goes for blog posts but could probs apply to real life convos in general (minus #9)



17. Get more organized (I by no means am under the illusion that I will ever be an organized person), simplify my to-do lists, and actually get shiz done.


This is so true, and I have like 87 million tabs open on my actual computer & phone. So would be cool if I could get that situation under control.

18. Show my girls what it’s like to be fearless in pursuit of goals, which is all pretty new & scary stuff to me.

I’m kicking this off by trying to earn an incentive trip to D.C. (similar to the one I was fortunate enough to attend in May of 2016)

My amazing clients, friends & fam you’ll be hearing from moi on how you can help 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.08.41 AM

Happy 2018, beautiful humans. Love you, mean it.






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