The birthday is LONG’s, the years are short

It’s true, Long’s birthday falls in the no man’s land of weeks between Christmas & New Year’s. Luckily, she’s such a loud sparkler of a person so no one could possibly forget her big day. Cheers to the lovely Long and her exuberant existence!


Sadly, I couldn’t get you all the things on your wishlist but if I could, I would (well maybe not the cookbook).

Personally, I think you should be aiming higher than the LuLu Lemons (and scones).

(And I know you are 😉 )

My birthday wishes for you are too many to list.

May you continue to do what you love with the people you love . . .

May you also have a plethora of good hair days (low bun), excellent horoscopes & GREAT mail days.

Speaking of which, I have a sneaking suspicion your new gift from Beautycounter HQ is going to see a lot of overhead compartments in 2018. the very least ONE trip to Cali is already on the books . . . how about more?

And let’s throw Mexico on the list while we are it!


And obvs Nantucket.


Maybe you could do that in June when you travel up to Boston to use my U2 floor seats with me?


Boom. (See what I did there?)

And maybe just maybe a birthday insta comment from you know who . . .

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.23.35 PM


But I know time with your squad trumps all of that, and that is what makes you, you.

No matter where this next exciting chapter leads or what age (29, duh) you are turning, I’ll always be able to describe you like this :

Have you guys met my friend/blog partner Annie?


Oh, and she’s très chic.


Some things never change.

Happy Birthday, Long!


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