L&L Gift Guide : Dudes


1. HF has taken a liking to drinking Manhattans lately so he might need these Low Ball Glasses

2. Charcoal Cleansing Bar

3. Every morning we have a convo that goes something like this:

HF: “hey babe, have you seen my vest?”

Me: “which one?”

HF: “the black one”

Me: “Which black one?”

and so on and so forth. I’m thinking dudes can never have enough vests like the Patagonia Nano Vest.

4. vintage cigar catchall

5. Teakwood Water Bottle

6. My mom gifted CBC a Cast Iron Skillet for Christmas last year and he is legit obsessed.

7. Leather Desk Frame so his work family knows there is another family.

8. Bartender’s Prep Board

9. Portable Record Player

10. It’s not a championship ring but NFL Cufflinks will have to do.

11. This was HF’s Father’s Day gift and it is now a member of the family. Boat, beach, car, Megaboom Speaker is always with us. It might need a name?

12. The biggest hit under the tree last year was when I arranged a covert operation and sent a couple of mules (college gals home on break) up to Bissell Bros. in Maine to wait in line and buy cases of some highly coveted beer. This year he has requested a pilgrimage to Treehouse in Western, MA but c’mon I can’t do that two years in a row! (Must always keep them guessing)

13. Where Bartenders Drink to know where to get the best drink in every town!

14. Book a sitter and surprise him with concert tix.

15. Love this Cashmere Hat because baby, it’s cold outside! (better grab your vest(s)!)



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