Long’s Holiday Party Attire

I’m not a holiday party girl.  I prefer to hibernate under my afghan with a glass of wine, my sun lamp and Vitamin D supplements (Seasonal Affective Disorder anyone?)  I do have plenty ideas about what would be fun to wear to a holiday party.

Dresses are alway an easy go-to, like this cutie from Target


Party fabulous from H&M


Should you be feeling spend-y, there is this little number


Loomis could totally rock this beauty (Martini in hand, obvs).


For the skirt girl.


Or if you just need a fun top.


I also love to keep the outfit simple and just make it all about the fabulous accessories.

Beaded Stars Crossbody Bag | Dot Heels | Glitter Boots |Earrings (50% off with code ANNIE)

Whatever you wear, have a blast, you party animals!


P.S.  These can all do double duty for New Year’s Eve, when I won’t be going out either.  Bah humbug!

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