L&L Gift Guide: For the Health Nut

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(or, alternately known as “A Gift Guide for Long.”)

1 Tumeric capsules to ensure she gets her daily does of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness.

2 Green Juice Gummy Bears  This exists. For realz.

3 Cocofloss Gift Set makes flossing happy again.

4 Native Deodorant Holiday Gift Pack  They had me at Mistletoe, Candy Cane, and Lemon Cake scents.

5 New leggings are always a hit.

6 Charcoal Cleansing Bar because you know she digs charcoal’s detoxifying goodness.

7 Côte Health Set is cruelty-free, vegan, and five-free.  Plus, a fave of Health Magazine

8 Good Vibes, always✌🏻.


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