L&L Gift Guide: For the (lil’) fellas

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My boy wonder claims there’s not enough of him on the blog.  I beg to differ.  Either way, let’s hear it for the boys!

1 Socks for the college football fanatic. Michigan, Notre Dame and more

2 A reindeer pooping jellybeans is always funny.

3 This kit lets kids 6+ build a computer from scratch, then you can use their apps to code, play and explore.  I’m getting Loomis one, as she’s the L&L tech squad.

4 If you have to wear a tie, either for school or the holidays, it might as well be a tie with your favorite dog breed on it.

5 If your fella is anything like mine, the ticket stubs are everywhere. This ticket stub diary can help.

6 For the little jet setter, take a trip through America’s well-loved cities with this unique A-Z book of fun facts

7 What else do dudes need besides water and having a charged iPhone?  This phone charging water bottle covers both.

Game of Phones is a battle of smartphone skills.  Need I say more?

9 Fart Machines always make a special gift (smells not included.)

10 I know some not-so-little fellas who might enjoy some Tabletop Cornhole, too.

11 These Yankee socks might just be dress-code legal at Chaminade?

12 iPhone Charger Stickers help make sure your (annoying) siblings don’t take your darn charger.


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