L&L Gift Guide : Girl Power


1. fur-trimmed puffer coat

My size. PLEASE.

2. unicorn slippers

never too many slippers – especially with #petuniacrawford in the hizzy.

3. ski helmut

P has this in the cat version (meow) and we love being able to spot her on the mountain!

4. polaroid camera

We gifted these to our girls last summer and they said it’s their fave gift ever. And I treasure the photographs they have taken. Not to mention the nostalgia factor.

5. overnight bag

All they really want is a sleepover! So we are putting these under the tree with “coupons” for sleepovers to our cousins or grandma’s!

6. glitter emoji bag

Fight the emoji craze all you want – it is still alive and well. Crewcuts has somehow managed to make it cute.

7. rainbow chopsticks

C & P love rainbows and eating with chopsticks so I know these will be a hit!

8. Books to bed – uni the unicorn

I love love love this concept! Especially, our fave book by the late great Ami Krause Rosenthal (RIP) and jammies to match.

9. uggs

I know, I know – but they are SO darn cute.

10. guitar

This is bound to keep us all entertained.

11. ice cream bracelet

stocking stuffer for your sweeties.

12. light-up hat

WAIT my kids are going to freak about this!  Night-time snowball fights, here we come!

13. Jenny Lind doll bed

Lucky us – our girls have taken a liking to their American Girl dolls just in time for Santa. (SOS) At least they can sleep in style.

14. unicorn float

Every year when Santa sets out our gifts – there is nothing really taking up too much room so that’s where inflatables come in handy!  (#fillers)

Happy shopping for the lucky little ladies in your life!


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