Frenchie Friday : Gift Guide!


1. Dog Lamp – every Frenchie owner knows they are the life of the party so this cracks me up.

2. Frenchie Mug – truth.

3. Snowboarding Ornament

4. Monogrammed Sweatshirt

5. Del Toro House Slippers

6. Water Bottle 

7. Joules Rain Boots

8. Frenchie Ring

9. Draper James Dog Stationery

My little Frenchie fans will most surely be finding these under the tree . . .

10. Girls’ Sweatshirt

Is that #PetuniaCrawford?

and we love 11. Gaston the book and 12. this stuffed animal!

Happy Frenchie Friday!


(the Frenchie-obsessed one, not to be confused with Schnauzer-obsessed Long)

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