Top Ten Tuesday : Grateful Playlist

Long handed over the keys for Top Ten Tuesday, since I’ve been off the grid for a few days. And I figured what could be more fitting this week of all the weeks, to talk about the Grateful Dead.

I am by no means a “Deadhead” and even feel weird posting this because I feel like a poser but the Deadheads don’t care if I’m a poser – they freaking love everybody!


I am admittedly jealous of anyone who threw caution to the wind at some point in their lives and toured with these legends. I’m on the heels of two Dead & Company shows this past weekend and seriously wishing I was born about 3 decades earlier (and didn’t like showering and sleeping in a bed so much.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 8.55.24 AM

The shows truly are magical – a place where you can tune out everything else in this crazy world and noodle the night away. (even though my hatred for John Mayer is a little bit distracting)


He’s annoyingly good. Ugh.

ANYWAYS, my dad, aka Pop, loves the Dead. This morning I had the chance to catch up with him about it, which was a trip. #punalwaysintended

I think we tend to forget that our parents had lives before us!

He relived some intimate settings with Jerry – a nightclub at the Berkley with Erle Saunders and being at the Winterland with Jerry playing the banjo with bluegrass band, Old and in the Way.

Then some bigger shows like . . .

kezar stadium

And the Watkins Glen Summer Jam! Go, Pop!

Pop was even a proud owner of a VW mini-bus that he bought while out in California.


The stories I have for my kiddos will be slightly less entertaining . . . well, that’s not necessarily true.


I digress.

Don’t be afraid to get groovy over gravy this year (I’m killing it today, kids)

Without further ado, my suggested Thanksgiving playlist.

1.Scarlet Begonias

scarlet begonias

2. Ramble On, Rose

ramble on rose

3. Sugar Magnolia

sugar magnolia

4. Box of Rain

box of rain 2

5. Althea

6. He’s Gone

he's gone

7. Sugaree – this one is for you, Long. (Mayer on Friday night)

8. I Need A Miracle


9. Ripple


and when it’s time for your guests to leave just start cranking . . .



Wishing you peace, love & grateful-ness this Thanksgiving!


P.S. #Horsefaceisnotpissed that I have morphed into a poser Dead fan. He’s been a PDF for years. And even though he’s “vest guy” at the shows these days, his mullet lives on.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 11.40.03 AM

Oh, and don’t forget to watch  . . .fa6ae8d84fb8761d95e29a58f862907f


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