Introducing (our) Counterman

Lots of excitement at our day job, as we launched our first-ever set of men’s products today.


[Update: the first batch of Counterman sold out in about 4 hours, but it will be back later in the month.  Email us to get on our wait list – use the button at the bottom of the page.]

Here’s why it’s so legit.

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This of course set Loomis and I off on a Voxer spree about exactly who should be the face of Counterman, were we in charge of such things (we aren’t).  Loomis and I have drastically different taste in guys, which means we will never fight over them (in fantasyland.  We’re both married.)

Without further ado, here are our nominations for the face of Counterman.

This former east coaster now embraces the rugged California lifestyle.  He eschews the confines of a suit and tie whenever possible.  He’s an artist and a committed visionary storyteller.  He has inside and out knowledge of the Beautycounter brand.  I held his hand when he sent his first Voxer (to our superfan Kerry, of course).

My nomination is…the one and only…


Read more here about our brush with all of Chris Moore’s greatness.


(Juuuuust when he thought he might be able to get rid of that restraining order.)

Enter: Loomis

Chris is kinda cool . . . I guess. 😉

But I want to bathe with my boy Alex in beard oil nominate my personal Jesus, Alex Ebert aka Edward Sharpe. Obvs.

Second runner up is Bono, also a big-time insider of the brand (ahem, he’s literally part of it) and and also kinda cool.

Oh, wait, and here they are together – making my LIFE.

bono and alex.jpg


And here’s Bono via the reason Counterman exists, our BADASS fearless leader, Gregg Renfrew.15129420_10210186268787388_5593589376275743136_o


Who has your vote for Counterman? In Fantasyland of course, if you are married. (insert eye roll emoji)





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