In typical Loomis & Long fashion, earlier in the week we exchanged voxes on who had the busier day Wednesday, who should blog or perhaps, not blog. We contemplated skipping it altogether because . . .

we had no idea today was our one year anniversary . . .


Well, now we know – so it’s time to celebrate and thank you (Moms & Kerry) for reading.

It was a big year – we welcomed Petunia, celebrated a very special sweet 16, stalked a ton of celebs, pretended we were on the red carpet from our couches, and got to see each other outside the blogosphere, in the flesh, THREE WHOLE TIMES.

(which was no fun at all)

I cannot wait to see what this next year brings.

So my dearest Long – my no plan-plan includes, but is not limited to:

1.Seeing you at the very least FOUR WHOLE TIMES in the real-life.

2.And you better believe I will continue to bask in the sunlight you cast on the world.

3.And of course, blog like there’s always tomorrow . . .

Happy Anni, Annie, my petite queen.


P.S. I got you present – a link to our instagram!


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