Top 10 Tuesday – Road trip Edition

I am gearing up for a big road trip next week! Only for my cousin Jennie would I travel 20 hours in the car. It’s going to be ridiculous amounts of fun once we get there. But, we have to survive the car trip first, which got me thinking about road trip essentials.

1 Snacks – Of course I will start off with the best intentions of healthy snacks only:  Oatmega bars, almonds and fresh fruit. But, let’s be honest, by the time we hit Pittsburgh, I’ll be diving into the Swedish Fish.


2 Drinks – Keep the coffee and water coming!

3 Tunes – Something tells me we will be listening to a lot of this.


Sorry, Dermot!

4 My children know that no car trip is complete without the “car-bage” can  Call me Type A, but it makes getting rid of the trash sooooo much easier when you pit stop.  (I have a feeling Loomis does NOT roll to ACK or the ski chalet with a “car-bage can?”)


5 Cozy attire because I am sure as heck not driving 10+ hours in a mini-skirt and heels!


6 My Beautycounter essentials.  Lip balm to combat chapped, dry lips and Rosewater Mist to spray at the kids when they get annoying (Kidding! Kind of?)

7 Sunnies


8 Podcasts – Can’t wait to spend 10 hours alone with my main man on the west coast, Rich Roll.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.40.01 AM.png
Also excited to binge listen to one of my new fave podcasts WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women.

9 Car Chargers – If the phones/ipads die I will. lose. my.  mind.


10 – Good vibes – Here’s to hoping St. Frances will help.
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 8.11.04 AM.pngHere’s to a safe and fun trip to all my fellow road warriors!



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