Early-onset Cold Weather Survival Guide

It’s no secret that Long and I both despise the cold weather. And here in the Northeast it’s abruptly shown up on our doorstep. (GO AWAY, COLD!) Well, similar to my children, yelling doesn’t seem to work, so here’s PLAN B.



1. I live in cashmere sweaters and I am very annoyed when they pill or fall apart after one season. This black ribbed Rag & Bone sweater is built to last. (Oh, and black replaces pink in the winter months.  Because I’m mourning the loss of summer & happiness, obvs.)

2. Crazy-ass temperature fluctuations and change of seasons can really do a number on your skin. Beautycounter’s new Countermatch Collection with bio-mimic technology works wonders in keeping things under control in this dept.  Might I even say, it’s at peak performance? This shiz is legit.

3. Alcohol. Obvs. (I prefer mine in martini formation)

4. Cute cashmere beanie is a must.

5. This faux-fur lined parka is not only adorbs & warm but it’s also a steal! Extra 20% off : Code: CHEERS  (more money for # 8)

6. I’m not afraid of the fleece-lined legging. In fact, they are my BEST FRIEND (s?)

7. I’m 41. I must say goodbye to Uggs. Wompwahhhh. Luckily, there are so many cute comfy sneaker replacements like these.


So if you see me in this ensemble, martini and plane tickets in hand, don’t judge.  We all gotta survive.


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