Marathon Magic

Long and I both have a the major accomplishment of drinking our way through the NYC Marathon. I also take pride in the fact that I birthed my two little munkies on Marathon Sunday (always coinciding with Daylight Savings Time so that extra hour of labor was really a special treat.)

There is no denying, whether you’re in the pub on 1st Ave (ahem, Long), in the delivery room, or crossing that finish line amongst a sea of other badasses, the NYC Marathon is one of the most inspiring events evs.

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“Look at that unity. Look at that amazing sense that people can all get together and live and let live. This race is one of the best examples to all the rest of the world about what’s great about New York City and what’s great about America. It doesn’t matter what background – everyone’s going to be cheering each other.” Mayor Bill DeBlasio

Shout out to everyone who earns that special medal, especially the runners this year in the wake of another tragic NYC event. I love this article in the LA TIMES about how sports can be uplifting in a time of so much sadness.

 “Life and marathons are a journey, but sports is a celebration,” Keflezighi said. “This made us appreciate life. New York, it’s their resilience. They mustered the energy to cheer us on and we have to move forward — somehow, some way.”

And hometown bragging rights go to . . . . LOOMIS! Marblehead native, Shalane Flanagan, is the first U.S. woman to win the New York marathon in 40 years – how ’bout them big apples?


“I’ve been dreaming of a moment like this since I was a little girl. It means a lot to me, to my family. Hopefully it inspires the next generation of women to just be patient. It took me seven years to do this. A lot of work went into this one moment.”

Our hearts broke with Shalane’s when she was devastated not to win the Boston Marathon in 2014. But it turns out we all needed this more now. What a beautiful lesson in perseverance.

Huge congrats to Shalane. And to everyone who runs to become a better person.

You’ve got this.


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