Fun Fact Friday: Me & Mr. P.

Long is up for Fun Fact Friday!  For the record, Rosie is pissed that the Frenchies are getting all the attention on Fridays around here 🙄.

.Sooooo, in my previous life I worked at an advertising agency in New York City.  Think Mad Men, but set in the ’90’s.  I worked on a bunch of different fun and interesting accounts, from everything from margarine to pickles. I have to say my hands-down favorite account was Planters Nuts.

Yes, Mr. Peanut and I are super tight.  So tight, even, we worked together on his first ever float in the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


And…wait for it…a Billboard in Times Square.

You know it was the ’90’s when I tell you the billboard was right across from the TRL studios at MTV (score!)


Hi Carson👋🏻!

When the billboard went live, it was kind of a big deal.  And, the New York Times covered it.  And, well, here I am.


Please excuse massive fold down the middle of the newspaper, as this has been shoved in a box under my bed for about 20 years (yikes!)  I know you are also jealous of super cool Rachel-inspired sunglasses.

This was not my only appearance in the New York Times, but I’ll save that info for another Fun Fact Friday.

TGIF, bitches!



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