Fall party Madness – WHY?

I can’t really wrap my brain around the fact that we used to host our annual “letter party” on Halloween, two days before some ridiculous birthday extravaganza for Charlotte & Phoebe. Seeing as now I can barely manage to buy mums and pumpkins (literally), never mind decorate for two unnecessarily elaborate soirees.

We had the “letter party” for 9 years and the insane parties for C & P lasted until they would actually remember them. Whoopsy!

Today’s walk down memory lane was their pink & yellow party in honor of their 3rd birthday. If my calculations are correct it coincided with the G party36c67cf603670d027a5a2ed3b04f81a6

Curious? check out the before and after blog posts.

Ohhhh emmmmm G!

Anyhoot, I was attempting to flaunt their differences at this critical age of three years old and this was my tactic. One liked pink, and one liked yellow and I freaking ran with that shiz. I pretty much forced every vendor into retirement but major props to them for dealing with my nonsense.

Without further ado, the pink & yellow party.


This was the two-sided invite that my dear friend Jayme created. Now retired.


C liked baseball caps and P liked tutus.

C liked juice and P chocolate milk . . .


Why no one had me committed during this time of my life, I’ll never quite understand.

hearts & stars cookies lovingly baked and decorated by friend Stacey (retired) . . .

Jelly beans & lollipops . . .

Cakes painstakingly created by my friend Ali (retired)


and so on and so forth . . .

Maybe someone should have told “Mommy” to lay off the champagne . . .

drinksfamilypink and yellow

Thank you, my lovely vendors who miraculously are still my friends today and thank you Horseface for tolerating the pro-bono party planner dayzzz, and most of all, thank you, C & P for inspiring me to be such a lunatic.

Lil Hoot_0297webmomc&p

Happy almost birthday, my munkies. Sorry I peaked early on the birthday scene. You’re lucky if you see a balloon this year.


All fabulous photo credit to the one and only, Meredith Nelson (RETIRED!) who I still occasionally beg to take our photographs. Love you, Meredith.  Sorry you are stuck with us. xoxo

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