She’s got Schnauzer-tude

I have what I consider to be 4 pretty cute children.


However, only one of my children is a model.


Yes!  Rosie!

Backstory.  One of my first bosses in advertising was Kim Levin.  After a successful career in the ad world, she left to follow her passion, photography. Kim found her niche in pet photography.  Kim has published 19 books including the best-selling Why We Love Dogs  and my personal favorite Erin Go Bark!

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.17.10 AM

More backstory (I promise, I’m getting to the modeling, soon.)  My parents’ dog Yogi (RIP), sired 3 puppies, one of which is Rosie.


Soooo, I have 2 brothers who are now the owners of Rosie’s 2 brothers, Bernie and Jorge.


(Bernie, Rosie, Jorge)

When the puppies were born, I reached out to Kim to set up a photoshoot as a gift to my parents. The photoshoot was a hoot, as you can imagine — 3 puppies and 1 kind of nervous papa dog.


(One of the many things Loomis and I have in common is that we are both crazy enough to have professional photogs shoot our pups!)

When she’s not publishing books, Kim has a greeting card and gift product line called Molly&Fig.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.04.15 AM
Well, when the photoshoot was over who was the ONLY one of the puppies selected to be featured in a Molly&Fig greeting card? MY ROSIE!  Of course, my Rosie!  She is the most beautiful, photogenic and lovely of all! Please allow me to go all Dina Lohan on you.


She was on a refrigerator magnet, too.


She was also featured in Pack Mentality (OK, admittedly) with her all her bros and papa.

FullSizeRender-23.jpg(Buy this book and you will funds 35 bowls of food for rescued animals!)

And, for the record, her brother Jorge was Mr. August in the 2016 Schnauzer Calendar.

But, clearly, she’s the most gorgeous.


We are waiting patiently for the phone to ring for another modeling gig.  Anyone got a hook up?

loomis-long-annie-1(and Rosie)



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