Dog Walking ‘Drobe

Long and I take dog walking very seriously. (As do Rosie, George & Petunia)

I saw this t-shirt yesterday and thought Long needs to have it! (If you aren’t following her @anniebeautychic you should be!) So I put together some other dog walking suggestions for her – because I am really good at wasting time I like picking out presents for Long.

dog walking

Tasseled Cashmere Wrap 

Très Chic T-shirt and OMG there is a matching scarf 


Tretorns for the tennis queen

Pssst (J. Crew goodies are 20% off with code DAY02)

Pink Leash

Personalized Collar

Dog Tag

And don’t be fooled that is a Rosie imposter! Please don’t tell that bitch.

(and obvs neither of us leave home without our Beautycounter hats) #dorks

If you are lucky enough to have a pup – enjoy your walk today!





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