I’m “Office”-ially Nuts

So like most of you are probably feeling, I have been all jammed up the last couple of days. Normal people probably gave blood (please do this!) or something else constructive to contribute to society- but I decided to move furniture, rip up old carpet and have floors refinished in my office.

Which is apparently what I was meant to do. (watch my instastory to see something pretty magical happen when I pulled up the old nast rug)


Anyways – as far as office inspo goes – I picture myself dressed like a total badass ready to dominate the world, Jenna style – amidst stacks of glossies and other creative shiz strewn about my massive pink desk –


but in actuality it will probs just be an Ikea desk and some home goods inspirational posters. (and me in my sweats)

No really, let’s aim for something in between.


1.Customizable Desk

(BTW, PBteen is my home office secret weapon. Such cute stuff and it’s Friends and Family so 20 percent off with code: FRIENDS)

2. Moroccan Pouf (for Long to sit when she visits.)

3.Velvet Swivel Chair

4.Elodie Rug by Glitter Guide

5.Open Crazy Late Artwork

6.Maison Bookcase (code: FRIENDS here, too!)

7.Campaign Bookcase

8. Dog Bed (OBVS!)

Back to work!


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