Odd Mom Out A/K/A Long’s Radio Debut

Goodness.  Has it been an incredibly sad week.  And, really?  Tom Petty? On top of everything else?  I’m here to provide a little levity for you, should you be in the mood.

I’ve already outed myself here as a Jill Kargman super-fan.

The show gives all of of us odd moms out our day in the sun,  whether we are on the Upper East Side of Manhattan or stuck in the ‘burbs. I knew I was “in” the moment when Jill announces that she drank three glasses of red wine before breakfast in order to deal with her children.

Well, wasn’t I just the creepiest stalker luckiest girl in the whole freaking world when my friend and colleague Nancy Lascher invited me to go on Jill’s Sirius XM radio show with her. Thankfully, Jill dropped the restraining order, and we were able to chat Beautycounter and so much more.


Jill was smart, funny, genuine and irreverent the best way possible. She is totally someone I would hang with any day of the week.  Case in point, I keep the screenshot below on my phone in case of emergencies, which happen more than you would think.


Now, if the tech gods are on my side, you should be able to click this link and take a listen for yourself 🙉 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4qrfmej3xjl2…/Jill%20Kargman.m4a…

Warning:  This is very R rated.  Earmuffs for the kids, s’il vous plait.

Peace out, badasses (as my friend Jill would say!)


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