National Coffee Day

So it’s National Coffee Day – it’s a thing.

Fun fact : Horseface My better half is a complete Mo-fo without his coffee in the morning. We have this hanging in our kitchen because I wish it was how he felt about me Johnny & June are the balls.


Here’s some other cool facts about coffee. I don’t care either but this gets good at the end of the post.

cool facts

In honor of this blessed occasion, I just had my first cup in almost 3 weeks.  I gave it up as part of a cleanse (I know, right?  I hate me, too.)

But truth be told – I like coffee but I’m not like a complete psycho without it. I totally am!  And Starbucks gives me massive anxiety. Besides being forced to see my entire town while there, I have zero idea how to order. Large, Grande? What?!


It doesn’t help that my BFF has the most high-maint order on the planet and the baristas (is that what they’re called?) know her favorite color, children’s names, and who her favorite elementary school teacher is (so basically more than I know about her.)


Her rockstar status at every Starbucks within a 20 mile radius adds to my ineptness and order anxiety.  Here’s a guide that might be helpful if you are a Starbucks rookie  . . . starbucks

coffee - greatist

Or just stick with Dunks like moi. Guess who else loves Dunks? Long! Check out one of my Christmas gifts from my soul sister. She funnay.


and Petunia Crawford is also a fan.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.14.22 AM

Besides the fact that I feel like a supermodel when I walk into one – they use normal names for their sizes. (I have to admit I fell way out of love with this establishment when they offered tuna on their menu.  OMG BARF! I died a thousand deaths! But it’s gone now, thank gawd.) Just the smell of donuts, coffee, and non-coffee snobs.  Anyways, here’s a list of where you can score some free coffee today.

And here is what we’ve all been waiting for . . .  a visual list of my ideal coffee dates.








coach t


You’re welcome.

Do you drink coffee? Home, Dunks, Sbux, or a local joint? Complicated order or KIS?

And most importantly – who’s your ultimate coffee pal? And do you have a favorite mug?

(Ahem, mine.)


Happy Nat’l Coffee/Frenchie Friday!



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