Long’s twin daughters are turning 16 today. So I had to come back from our August hiatus just a smidge early to acknowledge this happy milestone and also to recognize a sad one. Bear with me as I try and merge the two.

Dear Caroline & Catie,

Allow me to speak for your mother, as I’m sure she’s also told you, that there are two days of our lives that we will always remember precisely where we were (among others.) 

July 29th, 1981. The day Princess Diana married Prince Charles.

We watched alongside the whole wide world that day, huddled around our very not flat-screen TVs, in complete awe and wonder and perhaps envy.

What we didn’t know right then was that Princess Di had so much more to offer than the longest train ever. Sadly her life was cut too short so we also will never forget-

August 31st, 1997. 20 years ago today.

We cried alongside the rest of the whole wide world. We mourned the loss of the princess of our hearts. (corny but true!)

But I’m not trying to make you sad on your birthday. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact! What a perfect time to share a few important lessons from the great Lady Di as you continue to grow up into the best humans you can possibly be : strong, generous, lovely, charitable, responsible, caring & beautiful (inside and out.) Not that you need better role models than yours truly and your incredible mother, but Diana was grace & authenticity personified and I believe you have been blessed with this birthday for a reason.

Happy sweet 16, girls. Go be free spirits, follow your hearts, be kind, enjoy the journey – all that good stuff.  And go easy on your Mom.  She loves you like Diana loved William &  Prince Hotness Harry (and almost as much as she loves Dermot.)



Now for the pearls  . . . 















and most importantly . . .


Happy Birthday, C & C!

. . . and RIP Diana . . .

You left the world a better place. Which is all any of us can hope to do.


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