Frenchie Friday : Flower Bomb

Have you seen this painting of Tunes in her flower crown?

Inspired by THIS real life pic by the fabulous J Danielle Photography.  I cannot even.


 Danielle has a handsome devil of the french bulldog variety by the name of Kevin and we were destined to meet. (A story for another day) Best. dog name. EVERRRRR.

The artist, Juliane was amaze to work with, as well, and captured my fur babies’ spirits perfectly  (just wait until you see how George & Loo came out!) #horsefaceispissed

Makes me so happs, even in the gloomy weather we are having this week.  It’s been less than ideal for most summer activities.  But I’ll tell you what it has been ideal for – online freaking shopping!

#PetuniaCrawford agrees! (when she’s not screwing around with the new plantings outside)


And there are about a zillion fab sales right now. So I’ve had to reign it in and decided to hyper-focus on florals. The inspo? We are in the midst of an outdoor project AND have a very important garden party to attend this weekend.

Here’s what we’ve scored so far.

For Charlotte:

The low V back and punchy print on this dress is just darling – we could not resist! Also irresistible was the extra 40% off sitewide with code SALEONSALE

Now Phoebe-girl had a traumatic trip to the hair salon on Wednesday. We’ve all been there.  Girl went a little shorter than anticipated.  We’ve been combatting the haircut blues with new headbands (and ice cream.)

And I just went bananas at Anthro where it’s an extra 30% off off an already fabulous sale. Blooms errywhere!

Oh and as you can see from that pic of Tunies peeking over my computer screen – the Outnet is nothing to sneeze right now, either! You’re welcome.

And speaking of flower bombs and twinkies . . .

Happy 1 month birthday to Sir & Rumi . . . I mean . . . no words.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.35.24 AM

Happy Frenchie Friday!



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