Top Ten Takeaways from Inspiring Women

Yesterday I had the honor of participating in the first ever Morph Mom “non-conference.” This amazing event was all about helping moms figure out “what’s next” after the kids are gone, almost gone, or you have just plain had it!

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The panels were filled with incredible women from Shark Tank winners, to published authors, to kick-ass litigators (and, yes, little old me.)


I was furiously taking notes and wanted to share my Top 10 Takeaways from this super fab group.

1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

2. Follow your passion and you will love what you do.

3. Trust your gut. It’s usually right.

4. Seek mentors to advise you on your career.  Leverage friends and support networks to help you with juggling family life. It truly takes a village!

5. Network, network, network.  Sometimes you won’t even need to update your resume to find a great job.

6. If you are trying to break into a new field, volunteer your time.  It’s a great way to make contacts and pick up skills.

7. You definitely don’t have to know everything.  It’s OK to reach out and say “I don’t know and I need your help.”

8. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself.  Age, wisdom and life lessons are an asset in anything you do.

9. Self-care is critical.  Have fun.  Laughter is therapeutic.

10. Say yes to a job that you don’t know how to do.  You can figure it out later.



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