Happy Summah!

Happy official first day of Summah!

(T)annie already has her toes in the sand at the ABC while Loomis is ransacking the fridge for anything left for packed lunches wrapping up the kiddos’ last week of school and prepares for a Gregg appearance. (See invite HERE! and pretty please do not miss this incredible opportunity if you are local to the Boston area)

But the porch chairs (and rosé) are calling her name and she will be firmly planted in one before you can say “Frenchie Friday”.

Given these not so unfortunate summer circumstances we would like to throw out our summer blog schedule for your review we know no one could care less


The no plan-planners have a plan!  And this is it!

We hope you have some fabulous no plan-plans, as well.

and we REALLY hope your no-plan plans include some time on Nantucket. The summer vacay spot that puts all the other vacay spots to shame.


RSVP here.

And then please join us for some hair of the dog coffee & convo the next morning . . .


We can’t wait to see your super summery selves!




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