Top Ten: Papa Bears

I remember reading Father of the Bride at a very young age, and this quote is printed on the first page.


And then I became mildly obsessed with the movie – The Spencer Tracy version – obvs.

R-BPMP_032_FATHER_OF_THE_BRIDE_1950I thought my beloved Gramps looked like Spencer so I couldn’t get enough.893981_10200452756775671_1064815558_oThere is something very special about fathers & daughters indeed and Pop lived up to his Father of The Bride role like no other.216213_1008269081204_7199_nOn the heels of Father’s Day weekend I started getting a little emo looking at all the social media posts flying around – some in honor of dads lost too soon, some of the fathers that husbands had become, and all of dads they loved in one way or another.  I enjoyed all the images and since I also love famous people, thought I’d take this opportunity to share my top ten famous Daddy issues images.

1.Chevy Chase with daughter, Cydney, LA 1983 via The Chicago Tribunect-prj-0127-chevy-chase.jpg-201301252.Was anyone else obsessed with finding the NINAs on the cover of the NYT Arts & Leisure section growing up? It was one of my fave Sunday morning activities.  Here’s Al with Nina herself.famous-dads-and-their-daughters-173. Paul Newman and daughters9dd12dd7bce6c53ca9c2ad0eafe17337

4. This one is for you, Long.

Sir Paul McCartney & Stella


5. This one is for all of us.  (swoon!)

David & Harper Beckham
614f90d4b328af1f8dc49e5339b14a636. I can’t with them. #sashaandmaliaforever
a47e5dfb98ca670c6b04e5c876e4b982 7. Switching gears for a second – how blown was your mind when you realized Victor Kiriakis was Jennifer Aniston’s dad?f06477cd4e7f82ff56e73d519ed3b78a8. JFK & Baby Caroline. *sigh*
famous-dads-and-their-daughters-119. Zoe & Lenny Kravitz.  The freaking coolest.2c432ef727b29ac6865721a4d89a86f810. And of course I can’t resist Prince Horseface & Princess Charlotte.7108c8fb9e917fc3f7f211fe143fdc08

because we have our very own version of that going on over here . . .


And we couldn’t be more grateful.



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