Birthday Bi-atch

Happy Frenchie Friday and more importantly happy day before my birthday.

So I’m one of those annoying peeps that cares about her birthday.  You know the type – says she doesn’t but really does {insert eye roll}. Basically I like to take full advantage of the blessed occasion and treat myself to some fun & goodies. (you know, kind of like most the time)


And big thanks to Long for nailing her post this morning.  It gave me all the feels and a new blog partner is most definitely NOT on my birthday list. (this year, at least 😉 )

Besides the obvious things that are – world peace (ahem, new prez), rock hard abs, and more puppies, I have just a few other wishlist items because IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE THAT THE SHOPBOP SALE COINCIDES WITH MY BIRTHDAY.



ALL OF THESE PRETTIES ARE ON SALE AND AN ADDITIONAL 25 PERCENT OFF because it’s my birthday.  Pretty cool, right?


Code: Birthday Bitch SCORE17

1. Fun hoop earrings 2. Insta Famous Slides (because Loomis & Long has like 27 thousand followers – Holla!) 3. Cross Body Pouch 4. The perfect cashmere summer wrap! 5. Pretty Top 6. Platform Sandals 7. Ring

Aaaaaand I want an outdoor fireplace that looks like this . . .

Like I said, I don’t ask for much.

Forreals, I feel beyond lucky on my birthday eve and always. I appreciate it all but wanting more doesn’t make me that bad, does it?

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 11.51.21 AM

Petunia doesn’t think so and that’s pretty much the only opinion that matters around here.

Happy weekend, peeps. Party like it’s your birthday!


P.S. it’s the last day of THE SALE!

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