Top 10 Tuesday: Beach, Please!

Long finally got back to her beloved beach this weekend — praise the Lord!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.39.12 PM

Loomis hit the pool & Elihu had its maiden voyage of 2017.


It got us both thinking about the top 10 things that we must have in our beach bag.

beach bag

{Long’s going first, because she’s a bossy Capricorn.}

1. A good book. Always. Right now it’s this one. As my mom said, once you pick this book up, you can’t put it down. She’s right! Fun backstory. So the author is related to my bestie Theresa. Here we are. I could do an entire blog post on what a great friend she is, but I digress.


Soooo, Theresa connected Kathy with our mutual friend, the amazing Christina Cush. Christina works in publishing, and is a published author herself. She helped make the book happen. 🙌🏻. PS. Christina is the one who introduces me to Beautycounter, so clearly she is amazing!


2.  Hat – Because Long sure was!

3.  Portable Charger – Because Long reads on an iPad.  This one is super cool because not only is it portable, but it has solar charging capabilities.

4.  A chic little towel and not just because John Robshaw is my college roomie’s cousin!

5.  Rash Guard – They may call me Tannie, but I really do take my sun safety seriously.  No one does a chic rash guard better than my girls at Cabana Life.  Use my code for 25% off FF2018



{Enter: Loomis}

Unfortunately, I can’t name-drop as much as Long in this post 😉 but I do have some goodies for the beach bag. (Or, as I like to call it a “pool” or “boat” bag since I cannot. deal. with sand.)

6. This retro “radio” that stashes your iPhone inside is perfect for portable tunes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.07.37 AM

7. Sunnies, obvs. Swooning over this color and price point just in case horseface throws me “overboard”.


8.Wine, ahem, WATER bottle. To keep the ummm, water, cold for up to 24 hours.

9.More bags in the bag. I am queen of carrying around multiple bags around all stuffed into larger variations of themselves, like Matryoshka dolls. This laminated one is perfect for the wet stuff you accumulate during your day on the water.

10. SAFE sunscreen of course.  I stash these Protect stick sunscreens in ALL the bags in the bags that are in the bag.  Goes on clear, kids can apply themselves, and most importantly is rated one of the top 5 safe sunscreens in a sea of very very naughty ones. (pun always intended)

Stay cool, be safe, and have fun riding the heat wave!


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