Dad’s Day Gift Guide

dads1.Clean Slate Charcoal Duo(Limited Edition)

2.UE Megaboom Speaker Horseface is all fired up about this portable waterproof speaker.

3.Bonobos Swim Trunks

4. Island Slipper camo flip flopsCan never have too many flops (especially with miss petunia crawford in the hizzy)

5. dark chocolate bourbon bears

6. Tiny 3 minute gift for Dad from Framebridge is worth 1000 words. (I recommend framing a pic of your own husband and child/children not this random dude and kid)

7. Bucket List Book – Tell the special Dad in your life he can do something on his Bucket list like once every 9 years. Horseface is going to the Grateful Dead concert at Fenway on actual Father’s Day.  Not sure that counts since he’s been like 100 times but you get the idea. We are getting older and ‘carpe diem’ is the motto around here. And you know what, don’t tell him I said this, but he deserves it. The luckiest man alive makes us feel pretty lucky, too.


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